Download the new EP from Ricky Eat Acid

Sun Over Hills is currently available via the producer's SoundCloud page

In Maryland-based electronic music producer Ricky Eat Acid's description of his latest EP, Sun Over Hills, he writes:

"This EP is instead an exercise in letting little moments of transcendent beauty sit against songs largely structured around energy and motion, from footwork & house influences to more modern electronic styles/dance stuff."

After one listen to it, I'd say that's a rather fair assessment. Sun Over Hills is an erratic collection that displays the producer's varied tastes, ranging from the downtempo fixtures of "what do you wanna do today?" to the drum and bass of the title track to the more footwork-inspired "this goes out to." The EP was supposed to come out later next week, but the producer leaked it early, apparently cause he felt like it. Check it out and download below: