Drake (ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem) - Forever



I will forever think of Drake as “Jimmy” from Degrassi: The Next Generation. I can’t help it. When I heard he started a rap career a few years ago I didn’t pay much attention. The only thing that might change my mind would be the support of legitimate artists.Drake has not only done this but he has also brought a king.

“Forever” is a new single for the upcoming Lebron James documentary “More Than A Game”. Drake gets the credit for the song but all four rappers each get a verse in this six minute song. Opening with Drake it is clear that this kid is not original.

He lacks any enticing kind of flow, and he attempts to come through with a delivery resembling Wayne’s without any of Wayne’s success. Kanye follows Drake after a both mediocre and cheese chorus and he doesn’t have much more success than Drake did. This beat doesn’t suit Kanye’s style or flow very well and he would be better suited out of the song entirely.

Wayne and Eminem actually thrive on this track, both of them have great delivery that save the song and seem fitting for a “Lebron James track.” If you want to hear how Eminem sounds lately or hear a good Weezy verse then this song is worth checking out. The real recommendation for this track is the trailer for Lebron’s new movie which actually looks pretty good. Listen to "Forever" here