Ducktails x Panda Bear - "Killin' The Vibe"


Last year, Real Estate's Matt Mondanile revealed that he would be releasing a new record under the Ducktails moniker, and gave his fans a preview with a delightful 7” that included “Art Vandelay” and “Hamilton Road,” both of which appear on Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics. (Fun fact: Real Estate performs their own rendition of Art Vandelay on Daytrotter, called “Art Fandelet”). For those lucky fans who order the vinyl, they will receive an alternate version of “Killin' The Vibe”, which features backup vocals from Animal Collective's very own Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear. “Killin' The Vibe” follows the folksy, lo-fi resonance Ducktails III offers, and while the alternate version is fairly similar to the original, it's surely a treat to see these two prolific musicians work together. The vinyl officially comes out next week via Woodsist.