Dum Dum Girls - "Lost Boys and Girls Club"


It's been a while since we've heard a peep from Dum Dum Girls - in fact, since 2012's brooding, lovely End of Daze EP. But they'll be back early in 2014 with a new record, Too True, whose lead single "Lost Boys and Girls Club" is available for you to check out above. It's a distortion-heavy, multi-layered slow burner; frontwoman Dee Dee's vocals preside over the proceedings, her verbose, eerie lyrics ("your eyes are black X's of hate and of hexes") delivered with chilly, shimmering precision. All in all, it's a perfect soundtrack for next time you're walking to your coven meeting (which might look something like the track's video). Check it out the song, video, and album tracklist below - Too True is out January 28.

Dum Dum Girls - Too True Tracklist:
01 Cult of Love
02 Evil Blooms
03 Rimbaud Eyes
04 Are You Okay
05 Too True to Be Good
06 In the Wake of You
07 Lost Boys and Girls Club
08 Little Minx
09 Under These Hands
10 Trouble Is My Name