Are These Early Aphex Twin Demos?

A mysterious, anonymous SoundCloud page has posted upwards of 70 tracks.
aphex twin

A few days ago, a few mysterious demos appeared on SoundCloud, credited to a user just called "user4873635301." Now, nearly 70 demos have been posted, and experts and fans concur they may very well be the work of Aphex Twin, probably created in the '90s. Though the poster commented on a new Aphex Twin song on SoundCloud saying he was a fan planning on uploading some of the music he himself was making in the '90s, what are the odds of another musician on par with Aphex Twin remaining undiscovered for so long? Plus, we know Richard D. James is a notorious prankster, and lately he's been in a magnanimous, sharing mood. A lot of the songs are tagged "AFX," "early AFX," or "like early AFX." And fans and collaborators have recognized James' setup, style, and favorite sounds. Check out some tracks from the collection below or check out the whole archive here.