New: Eleanor Friedberger - "Stare at the Sun"

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The Firey Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger is one of the best lyricists in the game, which is part of why I'm still spinning her excellent 2011 record Last Summer, an exhaustive account of the first summer she spent in New York as a young woman. She's following that up with Personal Record, which is apparently (and ironically) less autobiographical. Its first single is "Stare at the Sun," which might be familiar to you if you've seen Eleanor live within the last year or so. It's a bubbly, driving, effortless guitar pop track that sounds like its title, grounded in Eleanor's distinctive voice and wordy, smart lyrics. Check it out - the record's out June 4.

01. I Don’t Want To Bother You
02. When I Knew
03. I’ll Never Be Happy Again
04. Stare At The Sun
05. Echo Or Encore
06. My Own World
07. Tomorrow Tomorrow
08. You’ll Never Know Me
09. I Am The Past
10. She’s A Mirror
11. Other Boys
12. Singing Time