MP3: Elite Gymnastics - WΛKΛ (Flocka) / (Lady) GΛGΛ

Elite Gymnastics

If you recall, we blogged about Elite Gymnastics back in June, and enjoyed their debut EP so much that we included "Is This On Me?" in our Top 100 of 2010. Over the last month the outfit has released - all for free via their website - their Neu! 92 EP, and have just dropped two cuts entitled "WAKA" and "GAGA," which surely enough are mind boggling reworkings of tunes from Waka Flocka Flame and Lady Gaga.

The former sounds like one of those rowdy wayback playbacks when you used to hear rappers appear on club anthems; the latter a slow and ethereal, spaced out distorted version of "Paparazzi," though you wouldn't be able to tell at first over the piercing electronic stabs.

Elite Gymnastics - W?K?

Elite Gymnastics - G?G?