Listen: Unreleased Elliott Smith song "I Figured You Out" from Either/Or reissue

The 20th anniversary reissue includes five live tracks and four rarities
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To celebrate an upcoming reissue of Elliott Smith’s 1997 album Either/Or, Smiths’ record label, Kill Rock Stars, has shared this previously unheard recording of “I Figured You Out”, a song put to take two years before the album’s release. The reissue is out March 10. 

Listen to “I Figured You Out” below.

Elliot Smith, Either/Or:

01 Speed Trials (remastered)
02 Alameda (remastered)
03 Ballad of Big Nothing (remastered)
04 Between the Bars (remastered)
05 Pictures of Me (remastered)
06 No Name No. 5 (remastered)
07 Rose Parade (remastered)
08 Punch and Judy (remastered)
09 Angeles (remastered)
10 Cupid's Trick (remastered)
11 2:45 AM (remastered)
12 Say Yes (remastered)
13 My New Freedom (Live) (unreleased)
14 Pictures Of me (Live) (unreleased)
15 Angeles (Live) (unreleased)
16 Some Song (Live) (unreleased)
17 Rose Parade (Live) (unreleased)
18 New Monkey (keys) (unreleased)
19 I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out (remixed/remastered)
20 I Figured You Out (unreleased)
21 Bottle Up And Explode (Alternate Version) (unreleased)