Empire of the Sun remix Lady Gaga's "Applause"

Gaga Empire of the Sun

Following Purity Ring, colorful pop artists Empire of the Sun are the latest cool band to remix Lady Gaga's thoroughly unhip new single, "Applause."

It should be noted that "Applause" isn't the first Gaga singles precious indie stars have re-imagined. Passion Pit and Alpha Beat have both re-done "Telephone," Goldfrapp took on "Judas," The Weeknd elevated "Marry The Night," Wild Beasts did "Yoü & I," The Horrors worked on "Bloody Marry" and Twin Shadow put his stamp on "Born This Way." Basically, Lady Gaga could gather up all her (no doubt, handsomely paid) remixers and throw a pretty rad mini-music festival.

Anyway, back to Empire of the Sun and "Applause." The idea is simple: the duo scale back the BPM a bit and throw on some hazy synth work, or in other words, they turn it into an Empire of the Sun song. They've pretty much succeeded across the board. Check it out below: