EP Stream: Fatima Al Qadiri - Desert Strike


Fatima Al Qadiri lived all over the world before settling in Brooklyn, but much of her music, especially her new EP Desert Strike, focuses on her experience as a child in Kuwait during the First Gulf War.

The short EP, available for streaming now, sees grime and trance trends face off over a haunting, mysterious, video-gamey soundscape (the EP's title is inspired by a video game of the same name) marked by heavily edited choir vocals and synth effects that swirl like fog and pounding drumbeats that clatter like gunshots (and at one point, actual gunshots).

Al Qadiri has a knack for deconstructing her catchy, world-inspired synth lines with violent percussion, setting off innocence with violence in a way that mirrors her personal experience. Check it out - we're partial to "Oil Well" and the title track, but the whole thing is worth a listen.