EP Stream - Twigs s/t


We fell in love with the mysterious UK singer Twigs mostly thanks to her heady, lovestruck art-R&B-meets-bass jam "Ache" back in the summer when she only had two tracks available for listening on the internet. Now she's got four - familiar tracks "Ache" and "Hide" figure on a new, self-titled EP that features two new songs, "Weak Spot" and "Breathe." As a whole, the EP is a fantastic first effort - on some tracks, Twigs evokes a clattering industrial vibe that recalls Charli XCX; on others (namely the delirious "Weak Spot") she wields a creepy, hyper-minimalist menace, editing and layering her vocals into an instrument all their own. We can't wait to hear more from this woman. Check it out.