EP Stream: Viet Cong - Cassette

Stream the reissued debut tape from the former Women members' new project.

If you read this blog regularly you might know about my deep love for Viet Cong, Mike Wallace and Matt Flegel's post-Women project with two friends recruited from Lab Coast and a Black Sabbath cover band, and you've probably already heard a couple cuts from their debut EP, originally issued as a tour-only tape. They've recently signed to Mexican Summer, who are reissuing the cassette in several non-cassette formats, and it's now up for stream a week in advance of its physical release. Obviously it's awesome, but the best part - a little bird told us all these tracks are outtakes from the band's forthcoming full-length debut. If you only have time for one try "Throw it Away," "Structureless Design," or "Select Your Drone." You can snag a physical copy starting July 8th; in the meantime stream Cassette over on Pitchfork Advance, and/or listen to non-EP track "Bunker Buster" below, because I just wanted an excuse to post it.