EP Stream: Viet Cong - Cassette

Stream the reissued debut tape from the former Women members' new project.
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If you read this blog regularly you might know about my deep love for Viet Cong, Mike Wallace and Matt Flegel's post-Women project with two friends recruited from Lab Coast and a Black Sabbath cover band, and you've probably already heard a couple cuts from their debut EP, originally issued as a tour-only tape. They've recently signed to Mexican Summer, who are reissuing the cassette in several non-cassette formats, and it's now up for stream a week in advance of its physical release. Obviously it's awesome, but the best part - a little bird told us all these tracks are outtakes from the band's forthcoming full-length debut. If you only have time for one try "Throw it Away," "Structureless Design," or "Select Your Drone." You can snag a physical copy starting July 8th; in the meantime stream Cassette over on Pitchfork Advance, and/or listen to non-EP track "Bunker Buster" below, because I just wanted an excuse to post it.