On Deck: Episode 1 - Fck It

So here's the deal...
PMA-WIC on deck 1

So, here's the deal: We In Cloudz, the ridiculously talented Brooklyn-based DJ collective, has teamed up with us for a monthly mixtape collective called On Deck. This is big news for a couple reasons:

1) We In Cloudz is one of the more formidably up-and-coming production groups in New York. They're smart. They're unique. And they're forward-facing. More often than not, they know what's cool way before we do. Their participation is extremely welcome, mainly because:

2) We know exactly how it feels to trudge through a work week. We know because we do it, too. On Deck began as an off-the-record bitch session regarding the relentlessness of professionalism, and On Deck was created to remedy the fever.

Join us each month as we partner with We In Cloudz for an exclusive mixtape. Each month's content will comprise tracks picked by both PMA staff members and WIC, and each month will have a completely different theme! In short, you won't want to miss this. You can subscribe via iTunesor RSS to On Deck, and any other mixes we publish in the future.

We're excited to present On Deck: Episode 1. You can stream it in the player below and download it here.

01 AndHim - Hausch (Original Mix)
02 Super Flu - Ooooooh
03 Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix)
04 VYNEHALL, Leon - It's Just (House Of Dupree)
05 Solomun - Cloud Dancer feat. Ole Soul (Original Mix)
06 FERRER, Dennis - The Red Room (Obj vocal Mix)
07 Tiga - Bugatti (Original Mix)
08 Doorly, Shadow Child - Piano Weapon (Instrumental)
09 Shiba San - I Like Your Booty (Original Mix)
10 MK x KANT - Ey Yo (Original Mix)
11 Wankelmut x Emma Louise - My Head is a Jungle (KANT Remix)