Check Out: Evian Christ remixes Marina & the Diamonds


Artstep newcomer Evian Christ, known to his family as Joshua Leary, has been impressing the blogosphere with his cryptic bunch of killer, sample-heavy YouTube uploads for a few months, but with his latest offering he’s poised to seize more mainstream recognition. Whoever tapped Leary to remix Marina and the Diamonds’ latest Dr. Luke-produced single “Primadonna” took a big risk in trying to get a dude whose most awesome production moment to date is a Tyga sample figured over some ambient Grouper instrumentals to put a pop remix together, but the final product is rewardingly amazing – Leary sticks to what he knows best, chopped-and-screwed vocal samples (we love how he mix-and-matches Marina’s voice almost beyond recognition except for “I wanna be adored”) and skittering percussion, but he brings in some excellent clubby pop elements too. The final product is truly the best of both worlds. Leary’s first mixtape, Kings and Them, is out now.