Evian Christ - "Salt Carousel"

Evian Christ Waterfall

Why Evian Christ isn't opening for Kanye on his Yeezus tour is beyond us. Not only did dude contribute to that record as a producer, he and 'Ye have similar taste in evil, swarming, futuristic beats, not to mention selective borrowing of Catholic phraseology. Since it's way too late this time, we'll just put this proposal out here as an idea for next time Kanye tours, and if you're still not convinced, you can sample "Salt Carousel," Evian Christ's new single from his upcoming EP Waterfall. It's an attention-commanding listen whose beat feels like your hopscotching heartbeat, starring an eerie, maximally sped-up rap sample front and center. Check it out - you can snag Waterfall sometime in early 2014.