Father John Misty shares a "radio edit" of "Leaving LA"

A sub-three minute cut of a 13+ minute Pure Comedy track
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Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman

“Leaving LA” might just be Pure Comedy’s most gorgeous and overlong ballad (and trust me, it has got some stiff competition on both counts). I’m probably not the only listener who could stand to see the album’s 75-minute runtime pared down a bit, but it seems Father John Misty has some thoughts on why that might not always be a good idea.

Take his sub-three minute “radio edit” (ha ha) of “Leaving LA”. Three minutes is all “Total Entertainment Forever”, another excellent Pure Comedy cut, needs to begin and end. In the same amount of time, the “Leaving LA” edit hardly has enough space to get out its best ideas. It makes for a nice mood though.

Listen below. Pure Comedy is out April 7.