Father John Misty Streams I Love You, Honeybear... With A Catch

Check out his fake streaming site and listen to the album in MIDI form.
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Father John Misty'sI Love You, Honeybear is coming out next week, so he's getting fans psyched up with a free pre-release stream - with a catch. It's via a fake streaming service called SAP - Streamline Audio Protocol - which serves as Josh Tillman's avenue to poke fun at streaming services like Spotify as well as startup culture. Navigate over to SAP and stream a version of I Love You, Honeybear that's been "sapped" of everything that gives it atmosphere and personality - basically, the songs are MIDI versions - and read through Tillman's witty, cutting notes. We're psyched to hear the whole LP - it's out via Sub Pop February 9th - and we're going to start using "freedoming" in our daily conversation.