Fever Ray - "The Wolf"


Fever Ray is reserved for Karin Dreijer Andersson's darker, gothic explorations, lacking any of the upbeat electro beats she constructs with her brother Olof under the moniker The Knife. Unless you count their recent opera about Charles Darwin, Tomorrow, In A Year, or their two-track EP Seeds – all of which was recorded with Planningtorock and Mt. Sims – than we really haven't heard anything relevant from the gifted Swede, until now.

“The Wolf,” taken from Catherine Hardwicke's upcoming Red Riding Hood film, is a revival of that ominous Fever Ray sound, plentiful in distortion and reverb, eerie devices and Andersson's irresistibly icy vocals. It's more explosive than anything from her debut as Fever Ray, with sinister bass lines and screeching brass instrumentals that only become more and more terrifying. I'd watch the movie just to hear it being played.

Except the movie looks pretty awful.