FIDLAR - "Awkward"

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Why does it feel like FIDLAR just released the song we've been waiting for all summer? Maybe it has to do with the earworm-worthy chorus that goes "I'll probably end up fucking up and make it super awkward"? Maybe it's the totally endearing cover art? Whatever the reason is, we're glad FIDLAR decided to re-record this song, even if the new version had to sacrifice that totally epic Kate Nash, for whatever reason. Give it a listen below; the single is out September 8th.

In other FIDLAR news, they recently released a video for "Cocaine," which features Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson (known to his family as Nick Offerman) literally pissing on everything. There's quite a bit of peen in it, so try not to watch it at work or in front of your mom. But, trust; it's friggen awesome.