Foster The People – “Houdini”


The Los Angeles outfit Foster The People are coming out with their brief, three-track debut EP this week. You've assuredly already heard “Pumped Up Kicks,” last year's exhilarating summer sensation, and recently we posted another track, the electro pop happy “Helena Beat." Now the remaining song has finally surfaced, another electronic gem that makes you wonder if “Pumped Up Kicks” is the lone lo-fi pop jam. “Houdini” is as intriguing as its counterparts, with a summer synth bounce that is riveting and fun all at once. Mark Foster's soulful composure and an uplifting surge of vocals near the end makes this another standout, indicating that this will be a huge year for the group, and rightfully so. The EP drops the 18th, and a full length is said to follow sometime this year.