Foster The People - "Machu Picchu" (Strokes Cover)

Foster The People

Note to Mark Foster – just because your California synth-pop trio Foster the People are suddenly one of the hottest bands in the world doesn’t mean you can totally forget your geography. The Strokes’ “Machu Picchu,” which Foster the People covered in grand, psychadelic style during a recent stint on BBC’s Radio 1, isn’t, in fact, named after a Pokemon character: watch one episode of any National Geographic Channel show and you’ll remember the ancient Incan mountaintop city. You’ll probably be able to almost forgive him this slip-up when you listen to the cover, which the band gloss up into characteristically Foster the People territory with plenty of reggae synth jabs and a sexy bassline. Check it out.

FOSTER THE PEOPLE - "Machu Picchu" (The Stokes Cover)