New Four Tet: 128 Harps


Four Tet may have just released his "Jupiters" single last month, but the EDM whiz is already preparing his next release, a single called "128 Harps." Like the title suggests, Hebden's new single is focussed on taking something as inherently relaxing as the harp and drop it over grimy, club-ready beats. The result is as fascinating as it is familiar; this isn't something that would feel out of place in Four Tet's own 2005 album, Everything Ecstatic. We love that album, but it is seven years old. It's hard to find a boundary Hebden hasn't rubbed shoulders with, and we just can't take the irony of a trailblazing producer unable to blaze trails past the ones he paved himself. 128 Harps will be released soon on Four Tet's own TEXT imprint.