Four Tet - "Gillie Amma, I Love You"

Scottish Love In Action Boats

The charity Scottish Love In Action (aw) is raising money to help kids in southeast India with an upcoming double-CD compilation called BOATS. With a star-studded contributor list including artists like No Age, Deerhoof, Gang Gang Dance, YACHT, Dan Deacon, Rustie, and more, it's already something to look forward to - but here's the clincher: all the artists had to construct new original music featuring samples of the Light of Love Children's Choir as their contribution. Obviously this was pretty easy for sample maestro Four Tet, though we're unsure how he found time to put together his lovely track, "Gillie Amma, I Love You," a layered, peaceful cut that sounds like a film's end credits or wind blowing. Check it out - you can pick up BOATS on January 20th.