New: Four Tet - "Moma"


On January 10th, new tunes from a diverse array of artists (everyone from Deerhunter to Interpol) will drop on a compilation album called We Are The Works In Progress, compiled by Blonde Redhead frontwoman Kazu Makino to aid Japan’s tsunami relief effort.

You can check out Four Tet’s contribution, “Moma,” right now – it’s pretty customary as Mr. Kieran Hebden’s tracks go, futuristically ambient, dizzying and calming at the same time, but thanks to those percolating, jazz-inspired synth and percussion rhythms, you won’t be able to let this one stay background music; it’s complex and fascinating enough to demand multiple listens. Check it out.

We Are The Works in Progress:
Moma - Four Tet
No Face - Karin Dreijer Andersson
G Song - Terry Riley
Nightcrawler - Nosaj Thing
Berceuse - John Roberts
Penny Sparkle - Blonde Redhead
Bird On A Wire - Pantha Du Prince
In Here The World Begins - Broadcast
Drip - Liars/Blonde Redhead
Curve - Deerhunter
Stalagmite - Stalactite
Castles In The Grave - John Maus
Bamboo House - David Sylvain/Ryuichi Sakamoto
Song Seven - Interpol