Four Tet remixes Lana Del Rey's "West Coast"

Four Tet gives LDR's "West Coast" a fervent techno house spin.

Simply put, Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" is our jam - especially the druggy-as-fuck alternate mix from track producer Dan Auerbach - but we never thought we'd be jamming out to a techno house remix from Four Tet. It's a far cry from the radio-friendly EDM of that mindless "Summertime Sadness" remix that dominated the airwaves last year, and it probably won't be blowing up Top 40 playlists anytime soon, but it's altogether more unsettling and interesting.

We felt LDR found the perfect sonic palette to support her singular voice in "West Coast"'s hazy psych-rock, but Kieran Hebden is making a mighty case for this under-represented House sub-genre.