While You Wait, Listen to All of the Instrumentals from Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry Live Stream

While you wait...
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If Frank Ocean follows convention, which he rarely does, his new album Boys Don’t Cry will be released at midnight (EDT) Friday morning—or in less than one hour at the time of writing. (Update: Nope. Didn’t happen.) If you’re reading this, you‘re probably counting down the seconds, which means you need the following playlist more than ever: a collection of every instrumental track played on Frank’s Boys Don’t Cry live stream.

The music here is sparse, pretty, and characteristically thoughtful. It often comments on the happenings of the live stream—a spray can here, a footstep there—though it’s hard to say if they’ll appear on the album. All told,  the playlist has collected 22 distinct instrumentals from the webcast, and more might be coming. Remember, Frank chose this music to preview his new album; what better way to prepare for your first listen? That is, if it’s really dropping tonight anyway