Hear Frank Ocean, Migos on Calvin Harris' "Slide"

Frank Ocean's first new song since Blonde
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After a lot of Snapchap teasing, noted underwear model Calvin Harris has shared his big new single with the cultural currency printing machine that is the combined forces of Frank Ocean and Migos. Guess what? It’s kinda classy! This is never a given with Harris, whose solution to less-than-stellar songwriting is usually to shove more synths down your throat. Instead we have something deeply groovy. I expect this one to be inescapable come summer. 

This is Frank Ocean’s first new song since releasing Endless and Blonde last August. 

Another interesting tidbit: this is Migos’ first song since their appalling homophobic remarks in a recent interview with Rolling Stone—and it’s with real life queer superhero Frank Ocean. Food for thought, or not. Whatever. 

You can listen to “Slide” on Apple music here