Frank Ocean Held an Album Listening Party in New York Last Night

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The new Frank Ocean album is real! The new Frank Ocean album is real! The new Frank Ocean album is real! The singer reportedly held an album listening party at an undisclosed location in New York last night, sparking hope that the release of Boys Don’t Cry (or whatever it’s called) is imminent. 

Of course, Kanye West held exclusive listening parties at various points last year for an album that’s still not even on sale... So don’t throw a parade just yet. Still, it’s good to see that Frank Ocean is actually still interested in releasing albums. 

Because this listening party is a thing that happened, there have been various smartphone videos and audio recordings of the listening party swirling around Twitter and Reddit. Most of them are taken down immediately, so don’t feel bad if you don’t catch a glimpse of new music today. For the time being, you can listen to some snippets of new music below:

UPDATE: Audio and video have been removed.