Hear New Frank Ocean Song "Voodoo"


Frank Ocean, who in our opinion has long outgrown his Odd Future cohorts, is busy working on what has got to be one of the most anticipated albums of 2012. Like he did a few weeks ago, the crooner has shared a short new song on his Tumblr page, possibly called "Voodoo." The song is not 100 seconds long, but that is all Ocean needs to melt you with his golden falsetto and meditations on marriage – a subject he memorably contemplated on his mixtape, Nostalgia, ULTRA. Listen to "Voodoo" below, and hope Ocean keeps us this much in the loop as he records his album.

Lyrics, via Frank Ocean:

darker times
they’re telling boulder heavy lies
looks like all we’ve got is each other
the truth is obsolete
remember when all i had was my mother
she didn’t compromise
she could recognize
our daughters and our sons
are just candles in the sun
don’t let him see divide
don’t you let her see divide
she’s got the whole wide world in her juicy fruit
he’s got the whole wide world in his pants
he wrapped the whole wide world in a wedding band
then put the whole wide world on her hands
she’s got the whole wide world in her hands
he’s got the whole wide world in his hands