New: Frankie Rose - "Interstellar"


Brooklyn musician Frankie Rose took her fingers out of all the pots they were in (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, etc), sloughed about six layers of reverb off her super-scuzzy modus operandi, and recorded a new solo album, Interstellar. You’ve heard some of the new-wavey, almost glam cuts she’s teased from that so far, but the just-released title track takes the cake, because it sounds like its title – as otherworldly as it is massive, almost futuristically clean and polished compared to her back catalog. But don’t take all those clean synth planes and shoegaze-y vocals to be the mark of a glo-fi turn – Rose hasn’t lost any of her skill for lo-fi, helter-skelter pop songwriting. Interstellar is out February 21.