LISTEN: New TV on the Radio (sort of) - "Absence of Light"

Longtime TV on the Radio band-mates Sitek and Adebimpe came together for the Maximum Balloon record with the electro-rock jam "Absence of Light", which sort of sounds like 2010 Mark Ronson (opposed to Amy Winehouse Mark Ronson) remixing TV on the Radio. Believe me, this is a wonderful thing. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN/MP3: Sufjan Stevens - "I Walked"

Yesterday, news ofSufjan Stevens' upcoming full-length album, The Age of Adz (pronounced "odds") hit the web. The Friday before that, Sufjan dropped an entire 60-minute EP called All Delighted People onto Bandcamp and it spread like wildfire. Did you think our little indie god was done showering us with celestial mana? Oh, you did? Well then you just don't know Sufjan Stevens really well, do you? Because today, our man dropped a completely free mp3, "I Walked", from The Age of Adz. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Pimp C - "What Up" feat. Bun B & Drake

The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones will be the final posthumous album released by the late, great legendary Pimp C, following his UGK partner Bub-B's 5 Mic-worthy solo album Trill O.G, which came out earlier this month. While I doubt Pimp C had ever heard of Drake, that's not stopping Drizzy from rapping and singing on "What Up". Hip Hop's resident crooner-in-chief also brought in some back-up in the form of slick beats courtesy of Drake frequent collaborator and prominent up-and-coming producer Boi 1-da. (Continue Reading)


RECOMMENDED MP3: The Naked & Famous - "Young Blood" ?

Listening to New Zealand's The Naked & Famous let loose on the refreshingly callow "Young Blood" makes us wish we weren't in the tail end of summer, but heading out for sandy BBQs and blowing up the ghettoblaster with some fresh NZ gold. "Young Blood" is as instant as they come, exploding like a sudden cascade of sparks that recalls the energy bursting out of DOM's "Living In America" earlier this year; Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" before that, and MGMT's "Kids" before that. And just like those guys, The Naked & Famous deserve some of our ever-burning love. (Continue Reading)


RECOMMENDED MP3: Childish Gambino - "Bitch, Look At Me Now" (Grizzly Bear Sample) ?

In just a few days (this Sunday), will premiere our "Celebration of Curation" Mix for their month-long one year anniversary party. The mix comes courtesy of our multi-talented friend Brainbheats. Before the mix drops this Sunday, I want to put the spotlight on one of my favorite cuts from it, Childish Gambino's Grizzly Bear sampling "Bitch, Look At Me Now". (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: HURTS - "Devotion" (feat. Kylie Minogue)

We first came across HURTS back in January when Vinyl & Vodka tipped them. Since releasing the smoldering "Wonderful Life", the Manchester band has remained somewhat quiet. Until now, that is. Very early today, HURTS' debut album Happiness hit the interwebs, and along with it this quite brilliant track called "Devotion" featuring Aussie Pop Queen, Kylie Minogue. (Continue Reading)