Listen: Fucked Up's 18-minute jam, "Year of the Dragon"

Fucked Up Year of the Dragon

If you're at all into punk or hardcore, chances are Fucked Up have given you one of your favorite songs every year pretty steadily since 2006 with their Zodiac Series, a stream of 12"s named after different designations of the zodiac. After last year's "Year of the Hare," they're back with "Year of the Dragon," and you can now check out its eighteen-minute juggernaut of a brain-destroying a-side. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it's not - careening from dirge-y, metal stomp to hardcore thrasher to psych jam, it's almost operatic in scope, and probably the most visionary thing you'll hear today. Check it out - you can grab a physical copy April 22, and remember, you can pick up the band's forthcoming LP Glass Boys on June 3.