Goldfrapp "Rocket"


We've been spoiled rotten with thoughts of our favorite pop ladies releasing new music this year. In 2010's short 4 week life, Roisin Murphy premiered "Mama's Place", Lady GaGa announced she'd release an album during 2010's Q4, and rumors of a new Britney Spears album have been fluttering about. And now, true to form, Goldfrapp shines with Head First first single, "Rocket".

While this über-80s stylistic turn isn't nearly as exciting of a first single as the downright beautiful and folksy "A&E" was for Seventh Tree, "Rocket" will surely have you bumping around in a spandex suit.

Head First is out 3/22 via Mute. The "Rocket" single is out 3/8. It includes the original and remixes by Richard X, Penguin Prison, Grum, and Tiësto. Listen to "Rocket" below: