New: Grimes - "Skin"


Grimes’ Claire Boucher dropped two albums on niche Montreal label Arbutus in 2010, but she considers Visions, her debut with the storied 4AD, to be her first real release. Based on the tracks we’ve heard (the glossy, REC'D gems “Oblivion” and “Genesis,” and now “Skin”), Claire’s refined the melodic sensibility of her more lo-fi early releases into impeccably produced, dizzyingly layered, streamlined pop, all the while retaining the complex, otherworldly, schizophrenic vibe that probably made you love her in the first place.

Latest tease “Skin” is equal parts sexy slow-burner (probably as close as Grimes will ever get to a slow-burner) and irresistible, dubby banger. We love those layers of trip-hoppy percussion, goth-pop piano, and hard-panned, candy-sweet falsetto. Visions is out February 21 in the US – we can’t wait, and neither should you.

UPDATE: Sorry. This track was too hot for us. You'll be able to hear it when the album drops!