Grinderman x The National - "Evil" (Silver Alert Remix)


Things that are unsurprising: Grinderman have compiled some remixes and demos of a track from their second self-titled record on a special release for Record Store Day. Said song is called “Evil.” One of these remixes, from Silver Alert, dropped today, and it somehow manages to be chain-gang grim and retain a sexy, throbbing beat.

And here are some surprising things: Silver Alert’s remix features the National’s Matt Berninger, he of the buttery voice that will earworm its way into your heart until it breaks and make clouds gather on the sunniest day. If you live in the UK, you can nab one of 750 copies on red glittery vinyl on Saturday. In the meantime check out the remix below.

Grinderman - 'Evil' (Silver Alert Remix featuring Matt Berninger)