Grizzly Bear - "Listen and Wait"

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear will release Shields: Expanded and Shields: B-Sides soon, and you should be pretty psyched - it's a two-disc collection of remixes, outtakes, and early demos from 2012's still-great Shields. Here's another taste to whet your appetite, the weird, after-dark slow-jam "Listen and Wait," which sounds a little rough around the edges in the best way. We're not sure why this one was relegated to the b-sides bin, but we're happy to get the chance to hear it; it's packed with our favorite things about Grizzly Bear - sublime harmonic vocals, massive percussion, out-of-this-world guitar tone. Check it out: remember, you can pick up a copy of Shields: Expanded in a record store on November 12.

photo by Tom Hines