Hear 13 Songs That May End Up on the New Radiohead Album

One of these may appear on the band's new album
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Originally published on July 22, 2014. In light of recent news and rumors surrounding Radiohead’s seemingly imminent ninth album, we thought this piece was relevant again.

As I’m sure you already know, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood recently indicated that the iconic band plans on recording their 9th album starting sometime in September. He’s even started emailing some potential ideas for songs to the band’s frontman Thom Yorke. As Citizen Insane points out, some of the songs that can end up on the album may not even be new—if you recall, “Morning Mr. Magpie” (which appeared on their last effort, The King of Limbs) preceded the album by a decade. As such, the site decided to look at a dozen tracks that Radiohead have performed either live, or released unofficially in some way or another, that could potentially end up on the band’s forthcoming 9th album.

“Identikit”—First debuted during the King of Limbs tour in 2012:

“Cut A Hole”—Also debuted during the King of Limbs tour.

“Full Stop”—Same as the first two

“Skirting on the Surface”—Dates back to OK Computer days, but debuted during King of Limbs tour

“Wake Me (Before They Come)”—Debuted during a soundcheck in 2008:

“The Present Tense”—Soundchecked by sand several times during 2000s, premiered live by Thom Yorke in 2009

“Burn the Witch”—First mentioned by the band in 2003, only excerpts of the song have been performed live

“Come to Your Senses”—Performed once during a soundcheck in 2006:

“I Lie Awake”—Performed during a soundcheck in 2008

“Riding a Bullet”—Performed during soundcheck in 2008

“Open the Floodgates”—Dates back to 2006, debuted live by Yorke during a 2009 solo show

“Follow Me Around”—From the OK Computer sessions, almost made it on Kid A. Debuted in 2000

Bonus: “Spectre”—The rejected James Bond theme song was lowkey one of the best Radiohead songs of the decade.