Hear 15 Seconds of New Music from Kanye West's YEEZUS


If you head on over to Kanye West's website, you'll see the confirmed, minimalist artwork for Yeezus and if you roll over that shimmering CD and unadorned jewel case, you'll be greeted by two things.

First, you'll see confirmation that Yeezus will in fact be released on June 18th. Hallelujah. Then you'll hear a painfully short snippet of soulful new music that appears to be on the album. (Literally on the album.)

Continuing this exercise of withholding, the short sound bite doesn't feature Kanye at all. Not to mention it sounds like the polar opposite of "New Slaves" and "Black Skin Head," naturally.

Because there's little else to share, revisit Kanye's blistering SNL performance of "Black Skin Head" below: