Hear 2 New James Blake Songs as Harmonimix


James Blake, who frequently returns to his r&b-sampling roots as Harmonimix (don't ask us why he needs a second moniker to do that), has announced that that he'll release a new single in September on R&S Records. In this past, Blake/Harmonimix has remixed, to grand effect, Destiny's Child, Lil Wayneand D'Angelo, but the upcoming single will be the first ever Harmonimix release. The a-side track is reportedly, "Confidence Boost," which has been floating around YouTube for a couple years now. You can listen to the demo, which features an acid house-like vocal track urging the listener to "strike a pose."

The second track reportedly featured on the upcoming single is "On The Road," a mysterious James Blake track BBC Radio 1 DJ Benji B played all the way back in January. This one also features Trim's spoken word (that's him boosting your confidence on the first track).