Hear a previously unreleased Earl Sweatshirt Song

"Rats" was recorded in 2010

On the heels of Odd Future catapulting into stardom, an unlikely icon emerged from the group. Tyler the Creator was hailed as the collective's strange, punk leader, Frank Ocean would come out as the most talented and successful of them all, but it was Earl Sweatshirt who sparked a revolution among fans after releasing his bleak, even frightening 2010 mixtape, Earl. And while he returned to the form with last year's Doris, many still longed for the Neptunes-style beats, the angry tirades about the father he never knew, and the misogynistic, obscene rhetoric that captivated so many of us. Today, said oldschool fans received a real treat, with a previously unreleased track from the Earl sessions, the Tyler-produced "Rats," surfacing online. Check it out below: