Hear a New Mix from PC Music's GFOTY, "CAKE"

It includes a timely Blink-182 cover.

Few things are evidence for the theory we're living in a video game controlled by omnipotent beings like the existence of PC Music, the glitch-obsessed, bubblegummy London label responsible for the likes of QT, A. G. Cook, and Hannah Diamond. And if you want to ponder your place in the universe and wonder if you're really making your own decisions, who better to soundtrack your existential dilemma than GFOTY, a relative newcomer to the PC fold - she's just turned in an eleven-minute mix called "CAKE." Over the course of this thing she sings about a crush who's intimidated by her presence and an enemy she's planning on drowning in her tears, then does a 180 and covers Blink-182's "All the Small Things" (appropriately, considering the band's turmoil right now). We'd say she was an android or alien but for her knack for capturing human emotion. Check out the mix below.