Here We Go Magic - The January EP


If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been anticipating Here We Go Magic’sJanuary EP since we shared first offering “Hands in the Sky” a little while ago. That ambient slow burner, rooted in a sunrise-y synth bubble and frontman Luke Temple’s languid falsetto, would be enough to get anyone psyched up.

Turns out the rest of the EP is as good – all five songs see the band keeping the layered, percussive drive you love them for, all while building up a Police-esque pop pulse (Temple does sound a little like Sting at his falsetto-est moments, and those synth swells are deliciously ‘80s). “Hollywood” smacks of Fleet Foxes, folksy guitar and gorgeous harmonies throwing you back to the olden days of that titular city, while “Mirror Me” sounds a lot more like its title, with dizzyingly melodic, catchy/creepy vocals winding in mirrored circles.

But the real highlights here are the EP’s poppiest numbers, which happen to be the sub-three-minute infinite-repeat ready “Backwards Time” and bubbly, romantic “Song In Three.” The latter’s got those perfectly summer beachy, swoony, drunken synths that’ll remind you of the best stuff on Washed Out’s Life of Leisure, but maintains that dizzying, dueling guitar work that makes Here We Go Magic so impressive. It’s sun-blurred, perfect for those May days when you can close your eyes and still see sky blue. The January EP is out now. Stream it below.