Hiss Golden Messenger Announces Album, Heart Like a Levee, Shares “Biloxi”: Listen

M.C. Taylor, alongside members of Bon Iver and Megafaun, will release a new album in October
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Hiss Golden Messenger will release their new album, Heart Like a Levee, on October 7. Main creative force and frontman M.C. Taylor linked with members of Bon Iver (Matt McCaughan on drums) and Megafaun (co-producer Bradley Cook on bas; Phil Cook on piano) for the album. You can listen to the overtly Dylanesque first single “Biloxi” below.

Here is Taylor on the new album:

The writing of the songs that became Heart Like a Levee started in a hotel room in Washington DC in January of 2015 during a powerful storm that darkened the East Coast. At that time I was feeling—more acutely than I had ever felt before—wrenched apart by my responsibilities to my family and to my music. Forgetting, momentarily, that for me, each exists only with the other. How could I forget? Though maybe my lapse was reasonable: I had just quit my job, the most recent and last, in a series of dead-end gigs stretching back 20 years, with the vow that my children would understand their father as a man in love with his world and the inventor of his own days. They would be rare in that regard. And then—driven by monthly bills and pure fear— I left for another tour, carrying a load of guilt that I could just barely lift. But in that snowy hotel room I found the refrain that became my compass: I was a dreamer, babe, when I set out on the road; but did I say I could find my way home?

Check out the tracklist below.

Hiss Golden Messenger, Heart Like a Levee:

01 Biloxi
02 Tell Her I’m Just Dancing
03 Heart Like a Levee
04 Like a Mirror Loves a Hammer
05 Smoky’s Song
06 Cracked Windshield
07 As the Crow Flies
08 Happy Day (Sister My Sister)
09 Say It Like You Mean It
10 Ace of Cups Hung Low Band
11 Highland Grace