Hot Chip Share New Track, "Burning Up"

Hot Chip

Reminder: Hot Chip are releasing their new album, Why Make Sense? next month. We've already heard two singles: "Huarache Lights" and "Need You Now". Today the London band have shared a third track from the album, "Burning Up". We have to wonder if Hot Chip are being intentional with some of the title choices on. Their two most recent singles have evoked some classic dance tracks. "Need You Now" felt like a needless callback to a superior Cut Copy song. And "Burning Up"... well, come on.

Still, it's strange and satisfying to hear Alexis Taylor open his "Burning Up" with "Let's fuck shit up." It's also the slowest song we've heard from Why Make Sense? It's a song to walk home to at the end of a long night. Despite it's opening lyric, it's not a song that will start any parties. It's a welcome change of pace.

Listen below: