Hudson Mohawke Shares “Indian Steps” featuring Antony

And a bunch of other songs from his upcoming album Lantern
hudson mohawke

hudson mohawke

“This album is everything I’ve been working towards. I wanted to make a classic – at least for me and my friends. I never wanted to be any genre. I wanted to be my own thing. Everything.” – Hudson Mohawke.

U.K. producer Hudson Mohawke will release his long-awaited new album, Lantern, in only a few weeks. We’ve already heard the excellent singles “Very First Breath” and “Ryderz”, and on Thursday (May 21) HudMo took over Benji B’s BBC Radio 1 show to premiere a bunch of new tracks from the album, including his out-of-left-field collaboration with Antony Hegarty. (Their musical union seems strange, at first, but it’s clearly an effective one. After all, Antony enlisted HudMo to co-produce his upcoming album, Hopelessness, along with Oneohtrix Point Never.)

Listen to the gentle and triumphant “Indian Steps” below: 

Another track premiered today was “Scud Books”, which also came with a video:

All we’re missing now is the title track and “Kettles”, which can be heard on BBC’s replay of the show here. And you’re set! 

Lantern is out June 16.