Stream Hudson Mohawke’s New LP Lantern

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hudson mohwake lantern cover-min

Hudson Mohawke is getting the fancy roll-out for his new album, Lantern. Every single so far has been accompanied by a well-crafted music video, and now its coming to you beamed directly from Cupertino. Head on over to iTunes Radio to stream Lantern a week ahead of its release on June 16. 

You can pre-order the album on MP3, CD, and vinyl.

Hudson Mohawke, Lantern:

01 Lantern
02 Very First Breath (feat. Irfane)
03 Ryderz
04 Warriors (feat. Ruckazoid & Devauex)
05 Kettles
06 Scud Books
07 Indian Steps (feat. Antony)
08 Lil Djembe
09 Deepspace (feat. Miguel)
10 Shadows
11 Resistance (feat. Jhené Aiko)
12 Portrait of Luci
13 System
14 Brand New World