Imagine A "Tron" Sequel Scored By Daft Punk...



And now it's a reality. MOKB let the world know today (initially via Upcoming Film Scores) that DAFT PUNK, the ultimate choice of groups to score Tron 2.0, will be scoring Tron 2.0. Is it early to assume that this score may top A.R. Rahman's as the best of all time? Just kidding, A.R.- the Slumdog score is not THAT good. But it's really good.

And as Pitchfork says, Tron 2.0 will only be good if it doesn't take itself too seriously. And since the writers hail from LOST, I know it will be great.

Also, as P4K says, Daft Punk's Oscar performances will be the Oscar performance to end all Oscar performances (Even though A.R. Rahman already kind of gave that the other week).