Initial Thoughts: Green Day- 21st Century Breakdown Cover Art



What do we think of this? My first reaction was "eh." I feel like aspects of this are cool (The Green Day logo, the album title itself), but overall, I think the "two people kissing" thing going on in the middle comes of a little bit lame and amateurish for a band as great as Green Day. What do you guys think? Props to Stereogum for the picture.

Aside from the cover, though, I already love what I am hearing about this album- a "power-pop" focus, a 3 "act" split...should be another catchy, hook-filled epic. I'm a big American Idiot fan. What are your thoughts on this new album, or on Green Day in general?

The album is out in May and available for pre-order on Green Day's website.

You know, the more I look at this cover, the more I kind of like it...