Inventions (Explosions in the Sky x Eluvium) - "Entity"

Members of Explosions in the Sky and Eluvian score our most beautiful dreams as Inventions.

Post-rock superheroes Mark T. Smith (of Explosions in the Sky) and Matthew Cooper (of Eluvium) have banded together to flex some considerable ambient muscle as Inventions. If you've got your ear to the ground, you might have already noticed they've got a record coming out in April - well, now you can hear a track from it, "Entity," the perfect listen if you're having a tough morning in that it'll just make you want to get back in your bed. Smoothly washed layers of synth haze pile up atop a deep bass groove like a gathering thunderstorm and it just makes you want to lie down and watch the rain. Check out the song while you peruse the tracklist, below - remember, Inventions drops April 1.

Inventions - Inventions:
01 Echo Tropism
02 Flood Poems
03 Entity
04 Luminous Insects
05 Peaceable Child
06 Sun Locations / Sun Coda
07 Recipient
08 Psychic Automation