Isaiah Rashad Shares "Smile"

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For a minute there Isaiah Rashad looked set to be TDE’s latest breakout star. In 2014 he dropped sleeper hit Cilvia Demo—one of those “mixtapes” that cost money—only to follow it up with a track in 2015 called “Nelly” and whole lot of silence. Today, Rashad breaks that silence with new single, “Smile”

The track comes at the heels of comments TDE president Dave Free made to to MTV. “By the time we come back around on this next go? Oh my goodness. It’s gonna crazy. We’re gonna have everybody hittin’,” he said. “I’m excited for people to hear the new SZA album. I’m stupid excited for y’all to hear the Isaiah Rashad album. I’m stupid excited for y’all to hear the new Ab-Soul. I’m so excited for y’all to hear Q’s album. Oh my God. These are songs I’ve been living with. I already know what it’s gonna do.”

Update: Watch the official video for “Smile”:

Listen to “Smile” below: